So familiar…

It’s weird to be back here. It’s a familiarity that I am not that keen on, but it’s a comfort that reminds me of good times.

Shopping Date

Heading down to Rideau to kill the day with Vdizzle. Hoping to find a new fav sweater and shirt too :)

PS must finish up new awesome creative handshake with her!

Fam Jam

Met the girlfriend’s family today for the first time, in an actual meeting and not just saying hello. They are awesome.

PS Indian food <3

Last Goodbyes?

Something about seeing someone on Morphine, heaving for breathe and saying goodbye should make anyone cry.

Not really sure why but I didn’t. It’s someone I care about and have known forever, but still, nothing. Everyone wants to comfort me here, not sure why, I’m not the one who needs it.

Maybe it’s something to do with the whole procedure of it, the recollection of past days and memories, to ease the present? I don’t want to think of the past, I hate too much of it and never want to be back there. I hate the idea of the best days are behind you, people should be hoping for good, not planning for the bad and remembering the good. Maybe she won’t ever make it out of the hospital but I’d rather tell her that I’d like to hear from her at home in Blind River than saying remember those days when we jumped off a porch and scraped our knees.

From the signs of things, it doesn’t look too good, she isn’t eating, her legs are swollen and her breathing is taxed, but yet, that’s all better than it was weeks ago. I’m not being overly optimistic, I’m being realistic about it, but I hope she leaves and gets to go home.

Oh sweet, sweet exhaustion *sleeps with smile on face*

Oh Deja Vu