The grip of anger takes a firm grasp of the mind and influences the heart. As difficult as it is, you have to just release it from your system.

Never expect truth from someone’s words, rather, read them.

I won't See You Tonight

Thought of this solo in church today

Surprise, surprise

Soooo, despite me telling my Dad that I wanted to leave tonight to get home and back into Ottawa tonight, which I said before I came down, I am being guilted or rather forced into staying another night. It’s just somewhat annoying that I discussed this with my sister prior to and then he asks her and she’s like we can do whatever. To me it is just spineless to commit to something and then just back out of it.

I’ve pretty much had my fill of the family arguing over stupid and pointless things, and on top of that arguing about church etiquette, like I just don’t care. But oh well, I guess we will all sit around and watch TV while nobody talks for another night because some people had a yelling match at 1am over funeral arrangements. Joyyyy.

To top off the night, I can only hope to be told to go to bed at 12 again, yayyy.


Tonight my heart and mind are at peace.